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Hospitality staff placement services since 2005


COOLAGENT specializes in recruiting and placing employees in hotels and restaurants worldwide.

Over the two decades on the market, COOLAGENT has been able to work successfully with hotels and restaurants in Europe, Canada and USA. We now focus on recruiting candidates for hotels and restaurants in Canada, USA, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland, and also other EU countries. Our service fees are industry standard and are subject to negotiation.

Twenty years ago, at the beginning of its existence, COOLAGENT very successfully coordinated au pair and work and study programs around the world.

With the development of our business and to meet the demand of our clients, COOLAGENT has expanded its services to the hospitality industry.

About COOLAGENT candidates

We place Czech and Slovak women and men who are known all over the world as hardworking, educated, reliable workers. All our candidates are EU citizens (no need for EU visa) from  the Czech Republic and Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia).

COOLAGENT interviews its candidates thoroughly. Every one of our candidates speaks English, has already proven experience working in the hospitality industry and is willing to relocate.

After we prescreen each candidate in person, we forward their CV to our client and client will decide whether they wish to video meet the candidate.

About COOLAGENT staff

My name is Jarka, I have been working at COOLAGENT since 2005, and I am the company CEO.

I have a great team of colleagues and we all are giving our best to the company, to our clients and to our candidates.

We are like a family!

In order to be able to provide our clients with professional and above-standard services, I moved to the United Kingdom to gain experience and valuable insight into hospitality by working directly at a hotel.

I gained valuable information, I learned what is required by hotels, what organizational support I need to provide to incoming employees to make their lives easier so that they are happy and settled in the foreign country.

After gaining experience in the UK, I traveled around Asia for three months, visiting various hotels and restaurants, and then I moved to Australia, where I worked as a housekeeper and kitchen assistant for further three months.

All this gave me the experience and knowledge of different countries and I was able to learn firsthand the important customs and expectations of people and guests coming from different cultures.

I am very active, friendly and communicative and my work at COOLAGENT is my passion, always a great challenge and even greater satisfaction when our clients and candidates return.

Contact me directly at:

jarka@coolagent.cz, +420 777 024 368

If you choose COOLAGENT, you will not regret your decision!

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