For families – find an Au Pair

Would you like to find a wonderful Czech or Slovak Au Pair?

We can help you! 😊

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact Daniela by
email or via WhatsApp +420 775 124 368.

COOLAGENT is Czech-Slovak agency established in 1995 and we have already sent thousands of Au Pairs and Mothers to help abroad.

We carefully select applicants – each Au Pair has to provide us application form, 2 childcare references which we check, the Dear Family letter, photos with children or with the family, Medical certificate and Criminal Background check.

We do not have any automatic electronic system with application forms, but we manually select suitable Au Pair for your family regarding to your requirements and needs 🙂

We are based in the Czech Republic so we can offer you a very good prices compared to foreign agencies.

How does the process work?

If you want to find a new Au Pair to join your family, please follow our step-by-step guide below:

  1. The first step is to complete an application form and to sign our T&C. We recommend answering the questions as fully as possible and to complete duties timetable so that potential Au Pair can recognise properly what you expect. The more information you provide, the better understanding we will have to find you a suitable candidate 🙂
  2. Once we have received your completed form, we will arrange a telephone call to make sure we know all the necessary information in order to find the right candidate for you.
  3. Based on your preferences and requirements we will recommend suitable candidates who we feel could best suit your requirements. We will also start to promote your family on our Facebook web page (of course without full surname and pictures of your family to protect personal data).
  4. Once you have chosen the suitable Au Pair, we will arrange a Skype or phone call with your family.
  5. Once you have agreed with the right Au Pair you would like to join your family, we will arrange all paperwork needed. We will need from you to send us The letter of invitation, to pay an invoice and we will arrange the travel details with the Au Pair and will inform you 🙂
  6. We provide Au Pair manual to each applicant so they know how to set up quickly and we will also provide them contact for other Au Pair nearby so that they can make a new friend and feel happy.
  7. We will stay in touch with you also after arrival in case of need.
  8. Are you ready to find your dream Au Pair now? 🙂

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate and contact Daniela by email or via WhatsApp +420 775 124 368.