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Velká Británie


family Hassall – Herefordshire

family has 2 sons (7 and 5 y.o.) and they live in a quaint village in Symons Yat Herefordshire. It’s beautiful, quiet and perfect if like us you enjoy the outdoors. Family own a local outdoor activities business which theyrun part-time at the moment as they both also have other careers in the Civil Service. Mother is home at weekends only so maily they need support for father in thime mother is not there. Family love climbing,runningmSwimming and cycling and enjoy living in the countryside.

Family livein a beautiful 5 bedroom cottage and an acre of land. Attached is a self-contained apartment my mother-in-law lives in.

Au pair will have own double bedroom and share a family bathroom

Normal hours will be 25 and 2 evenings babysitting. Can pay up to £150 a week for a lovely person and you can have use of a car by arrangement and they are happy to contribute towards the cost of language study.

This is very lovely family for someone who likes to live in village, like to sport and who is active and responsible. Family require to start ASAP for min. 12 monts.

Family Verrico – Epworth

This family concist of 2 children (boy 4 y.o. and girl 6.o) and father who was widowed 2,5 years ago. Children like reading, flying kites and they love being outside and running. Lucia loves arts and crafts and it would be great for her to have a nice girly friend/older sister to do girly things with. The children go to a local school which is only about a 5 minute walk away. Children’s grandparents live very close by are very supportive.

Father work in an international law company.

The ideal applicant will help with child care for the children Monday to Thursday , you will have a 3 day weekend . A strong use of the spoken English language is essential as the children are young. If you can come on the end of August, you are 21 + and can stay idealy for 12 monts then it is a right family for you. Family require to work approximately 25 hours and offer 110 GBP weekly.

Family Rancon – Loughborough

They are a busy family of 6, mum and dad and 4 children. Mum is Scottish and dad is French. They have Benjamin 11, Christie 9, Eva 7 and Elise who is 4 . Elise has Down Syndrome but she is the easiest, sweetest little girl to look after and is just like a regular child who is a bit behind. This family need someone with lots of common sense and a genuine love of children.

You will help from Monday to Friday and have weekends free. Hours per week will be approx 35 and 2 evenings of babysitting. Family offer 130 GBP per week and ideal candidate will be over 21 with a good English.

Family Tullett – Bayford (near Wincanton)

Very generous family and 2 sons (7 and 13 y.o.) and cat called Daisy.

Mother work as a management consultant and father is a director of a software company. Both of the boys go to school full time – older one is at boarding school and is just home at weekends and holidays. Younger one is at school locally which is a 10 minute drive. Here is good college close by for you to attend to improve your English.

Family live in a big, old house on the edge of a small town in Somerset, all love skiing and play tennis regularly.

This job is mostly childcare and very little housework.

Ideal Au pair for this family is 21+, driver and English doesn´t need to be excelent. Family require 35 hours per week and offer 100-130 GBP. You would have your own floor of the house with bedroom and sitting room and your own bathroom. You would also have use of a car.

Family Rolfe – London

This family consist of mother and 2 children – girl 14.o. and boy 8 y.o.

Au pair will have own beedroon with possibly own shower. Family enjoy going to parks, local woods, visiting museums, swimming and socialising with family and friends. Family is living healthy style of life and they are very open, they like to talk a lot to each other and they need really supportive Au Pair who would do all this things with them.

Family need someone from September for 12 months, idealy 25 + with good English. They need 25-35 hours weekly (it varies) and they offer 100 GBP. Chance to go to language school and explore London!

Family Adamo – London

They are a family of 4 living in London. They have 2 daughters (5 and 3 y.o.) and small king Charles dog called Coco.They live in Clapham South which is a friendly area with lots of young people and young families in central London.

Family live in a 5 bedroom house with 2 separate living areas downstairs and a garden. Your accommodation will be your own room overlooking the garden.

This family is looking ideally for an au pair plus to do 30 hours a week plus babysitting for 100 GBP weekly. Family need Au pair who is able to start in September and stay for 12 months at least, they preferer candidate above 21.

C. Sharp – Poole

This role is as elderly companion for 70 years old man Colin who lives alone. Colin is registered disabled and has limited mobility, he gets about using a motorised scooter and can drive.

Colin has 3 adult children and has a housekeeper who comes in every day. Colin will not need you to provide any personal care or to carry out any housework, gardening or childcare duties as all of these helpers are already

in place. He is looking for someone who would like to live in a nice home and just be there overnight and on some evenings.

If you can start ASAP and stay at least for 6 month, you are over 25 y.o. and like to work as companion then you are good candidate for this man. He will offer you for your help 120 GBP weekly.



family Espiñeira – Murcia, Spain mainland

They are a nice and caring host family who have three beautiful and good mannered girls: 12, 10 & 7 years old. They have been recommended by former au pairs and are now hosting Michelle until July. This is a regular au pair position and the au pair has plenty of time to attend Spanish lessons. Driver is preferred. Dates: end of August until June 2017.

family Covas – Sineu, Mallorca

They are dad, mum (both teachers!) and two kids who are 5 & 2 years old. They are looking for a nice long term au pair who can speak fluent English and wants to learn Spanish, no problem if she doesn’t speak Spanish yet. This is an au pair plus position, maximum 40 hours per week/90€. They don’t need a driver and would accept a male candidate.Dates: 1/9/2016-30/6/2017.

family Zahonero – Almenara, a nice village in Castellón (Valencia region)

Dad, mum and 3 kids: 9,5 years old twins and 6,5 years old girl. The youngest has reduced mobility but doesn’t need special care. They have a house and a small dog and need a normal au pair (30 hours/70€ per week). In June and September the kids are still in school, so the au pair will have more free time. They would like the au pair to teach English to their kids. Dates: August 2016 – June 2017.

family Vicent – Vila-Real, city in Castellón (Spain mainland, Valencia region).

They are dad, mum and two kids, 3 years old girl and a babyboy born in October 2015. They don’t need a driver and have no pets. This family look for a nice regular au pair who speaks English and looks after Olivia really. Dates: September 2016 – June 2017.

family Fernández – Palma city

They are dad, mum and two kids, 10 (g) and 7 (b) years old. They need the au pair to drive, as she is to take the kids to their after-school activities. Both parents speak English so the au pair could only have basic Spanish, plus she will have the whole morning free to attend Spanish lessons. Kids come home for lunch (depending on activities in school) and then go back to school until 16:30. Dates: September for 9/12 months.

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