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Aktualizováno: 11.5.2016

Velká Británie

Family KELSEY – Kent

This family has 2 children (boy 8 and girl 6 y.o.), they are animals lovers (dog+6 horses) originaly from China. Both children are very active and do a number of sporting and after school activities.

This family is looking for housekeeper with driving licence who can start ASAP and stay 6-12 + months. They will require you to work with the housekeeper, and to cover her duties when she is on

holiday. This will generally including housework, ironing and some cooking. They would require

you to work on weekends, but will give you 2 days off a week. They need someone to work 35 hours/week in change for 150 GBP /week pocket money(+ food allowance). They don´t want smoker.

Family Jreidini – London

They are a fun young family with one 3y.o. son and they are looking for a kind hearted fun mother’s help to mix in with their family. They are looking for someone that is trustworthy, reliable, kind and truly good with kids. You must be able to speak and understand English at a high level.

If you can start in July and stay at least for 12 months, you are not smoking and have a good experiences with children them you may be a right canidate for this family. Family require 50 hours/week and they are willing to pay 200 GBP.

Family Darling – Northholt, London

This family has 2 children (5 and 3 y.o.) and one lovely cat called Bella. They are looking for a Mothers Help to join their family would be able to look after our children and help out a very busy

working mum! Family require 35-40hours per week and they will pay you £150-£175/week

If you can start last week in August and stay for 12 months, you have good English and you don´t smoke then this family will welcome you as their Au Pair.

Family Downey – Kent – Au Pair Driver Male only

This family has 2 boys (9 and 8 y.o.) and they will accept Male Au Pair who loves sport and exercise. The Downey family are an active family who do a lot together, they are looking for

a kind hearted and fun au pair to join them and become a member of their family.

Right candidate should be between 25-40 y.o., must be driver, non smoker and will be able to start in September. They require 30 hours/week and pay 90 GBP/week. If you are reliable, tidy, calm, patient, sporty and fun then don´t wait and apply to this sporty family.

Family Brown – London

This family has (two boys 11, 6. (Also two girls 16 & 14 but away at boarding school)
Au pair will only look after the 2 boys . There is a great college nearby as well as other good choices in the capital.

They need someone to start in September and stay for 12 monts, they are willing to pay 100 GBP for 30 hours weekly. They are looking for someone in age 20+, not smoking and with good English. They don´t need driver.

Family Selig – London

This family has 4 children (9,7,5 and 1 year), however, there will NEVER be sole charge of all children except when babysitting. The three older children are also out of home until 3 pm every day. Non-smoking household with no pets.  The family home has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, playroom, lounge/dining room, garden.This family would like an Au Pair Plus to start as soon as possible (will consider summer girl), they require 30 hours work and will give you 100 GBP weekly, They don´t need driver and smoker is not acceptable. They need someone with good English.



Family Llull– Palma de Mallorca

Family has one 6 years boy and they are looking for Au Pair for 3 months in summer. They are requesting 40 hours/week and they will pay you 90 EUR, they don´t need driver and they don´t want to have smoker. They need someone with conversional knowleague of Spanish.

Family Magda F– Marratxi, Palma

Family has two children ( boy 9 y.o. and girl 6 y.o.)and they are looking for Au Pair for 3 months in summer. They are requesting 40 hours/week and they will pay you 90 EUR, they don´t want a smoker. They need someone with very good English


We have many families for summer !!

Family Delhomme – Gujan Mestras

This family needs someone for 3 monts start by the beggining of June. They have one girl 6 y.o, , dog, cat and parrot, They need driver and someone who is willing to work 30 hours for 80 EUR/week.

Family Bernard – Perros Guirec

Famiy has one girl 3 y.o., they don´t have any pets . They require Au Pair for 3 monts , they need driver and someone with conversional French. They are wiling to pay 80 EUR wekly and you will work in family 30 hours/week.

Family Thomas – Saint Palais sur Mer

This family need someone for 2 months and they have 2 children (girls 12 and 4 y.o.) and one cat. They don´t ask for driver, they need 30 hours/week and wil give you 80 EUR/weekly.


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