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Aktualizováno: 29.6.2016

Velká Británie


family Lewis– CHICHESTER, UK -165 GBP/week

We are a loving English family of four, myself, Alex and Camilla, my wife and our two boys, Finn aged 10and Zac aged 6. We live in Birdham, West Sussex which is Rural but near the city of Chichester and also very close to the beach! You can also easily get to London, Brighton or Portsmouth on the train (London is one and a half hours away) and I can sometimes provide a free train pass to London for you to see London.
We are looking for someone to invite into and become a part of our family and to primarily help
us with our young boys, Finn and Zac. We are looking for a mothers help who is a kind, happy,
flexible and organised person with experience looking after young children.
Finn is a charismatic, sociable, fun and happy boy, who is kind and loves climbing, cricket and
playing with his Lego and xbox, he also plays well with his brother.
Zac is also very kind and loving, with a beautiful laugh, he is much quieter than Finn but likes
playing with his cars and trains and loves outdoor games.
Both boys go to school at Ditcham Park in Petersfield. They need to catch the bus at 8.10am
returning at 4.20 pm, except on Thursdays when they need picking up later from the school. A lot
of the time I do the morning school run, except when I am working away in London.

Family Lwin- Fetcham, Surrey -110-150 GBP/week

We are a busy family of four. We are looking for a kind aupair to help us look after our children
and some light housework. Our twin daughters would love to have a responsible sister to be part
of their day. My name is Mi Mi and I am a Chemical Engineer working for Esso and my
husband, Htin is an Optician.
Our residence is set in a quite road in Fetcham. We have a spacious home with 5 bedroom which
one of them will be for your usage. We have a nice garden. Our twin daughters are 8 years old
and are called Thuzar and Nandar. They attend a local Primary school which is local to us and is
about 15 to 20 minutes walk from us. They may have after school activities a few days a week that we need you to take them to.
Fetcham is quiet but has easy access to London via train. Bookham train station is 1 mile away.
We would help you to find a Language school for you to attend.


This family has 2 children (7 year old twins) and looking for Mother’s Help. They need someone who is able to start in August or September for 12 months minimum. They require 35-45 hours and offer pocket money up to £230 weekly depending on experience

Family JOPLING, Walden, Saffron- 110 GBP/week

We are looking for someone to join our family for 6 months and primarily help me with our 3 children, in particular the 20month old twins.
We usually go to music classes or playgroups in a morning and you would need to help me with the children as i am unable to lift them due to my caesarean section when I had Bea in May. We live in a very small village with a park and a pub nearby but shops are a drive away. You have great links to Cambridge and London and we could take you to the station to get the train. There is a bus stop near our house to take you into the local towns saffron Walden and bishop Stortford.
You will have your own room and share the family bathrooms. We have a playroom for the children but our whole house is focused on the children and we have a large garden with toys outside for them to play in. We don’t smoke and do not have any pets. You will not be expected to drive nor look after the children on your own. You will not be expected to clean the house only your room and clean and tidy after the children. Nor will you need to do babysitting. We can agree the daily schedule when you are
here around the children’s classes and bedtime routines. We are looking for someone who is passionate about caring for children and lots of fun and wants to be part of our family for the summer. We will help you with your English as much as possible and introduce you where possible to experience typical English life.

Family RAW- HOOK(near Basingstoke – 110 GBP/week

Our village is close to Basingstoke and there are other au pairs close by. There is also a good language school in Basingstoke, which is 10 minutes away on the train. In the village there are three pubs full of young people, several shops, a post office, a large supermarket, a fish and chip shop, and Indian take away, a hairdressers, a pharmacy and some small grocery stores. There is a bus stop a short walk from our house, and the mainline train station is a 10 minute walk away, where you can get trains into London or Basingstoke. The train to Basingstoke takes 10 minutes and the train to London is 1 hour. We have 4 small dogs – they are miniature dachshunds (sausage dogs) and are really friendly. You will not be  xpected to care for the dogs, but we would like you to let them into the garden twice per day while I am at work, so they can go to the toilet. The dogs live in their own room off the kitchen, and do not generally come into the house or around the children. We do not smoke and rarely drink. We need an au pair to start with us in early to mid July. We are flexible about length of stay – you can come for just the  ummer, or for a longer period of 6 months plus, if you like. We would like you to drive our car if you feel comfortable with that. You may use this car for taking the children to the park, to playgroups and for your private use within reason. We are a fun young family looking for a kind hearted fun au pair to mix in with our family.



family SCHMITT– Stetten

Married couple with 2 kids, ages 7 years (girl) and a boy of 2.5 yrs. Host dad is French and host mum is Swedish. Family languages: German, English and French. The family is living in Stetten, a village next to Schaffhausen, a lovely small city at the German border. Good public transport system to Schaffhausen. The neighbours of this host family have an aupair too (22, Polish). Daughter goes to school, boy to a nursery. Both host parents work full time, however, host dad is also working home based.

Aupair tasks: Tuesday and Thursday, the aupair is caring for the boy from morning until evening when parents return from home. The other days, the aupair is working from lunch time or later until parents are back from work. Actual tasks: actively play with the boy (walk, bike, swim, play, read etc.) and care for him, prepare light lunch and tidy up. Bring kids to activities, grocery shopping, support with laundry and keep house clean and tidy. (host family has a cleaner). Aupair has her own room and shared bathroom with the kids.

family STROBEL- Meilen

A new lovely host family who is looking for a new aupair as of August 2016 for 12 months. This family has 2 children girl 16 and boy 9 y.o. and both parents are working full time.

Family can speak German, English and French and living in Meilen which is about 15 km from Zürich. Very good train connection to Zürich.

Au Pair duties are: normally starts working before lunch time. The aupair is asked to prepare an easy but healthy lunch for the boy and herself (host mum has receipes etc. if the aupair has no ideas of what to cook) and tidy up kitchen after meal. The aupair has to be back again when the boy is back from school, care for him, help/support with homework, help or prepare dinner, tidy up, grocery shopping . This is not typical Au pair role as children are older already so there is also time for housekeeping.

Au pair should have good English, be independent and have some interest on her own, driving licence is advantage not must.

family Antretter – Uitikon and Zürich

Single host mum (widowed) with 2 boys age 12 (twins) and 2 dogs .The host mum is Austrian. She speaks German, English, French and some Spanish. The kid speaks German and English too. Host mum is working an author and is therefore very flexible with work. The family is living in Uetikon am See but is moving to Zürich as of end of 2016

Aupair tasks: Since the boys are soon approaching teenage age, the aupair is expected to rather „be present and of help“ than caring for them. Prepare breakfast in the morning, be there when boys come home from school, if possible support with homework / bring kids to activities (Tennis etc.), maybe prepare easy meal fort he boys / support with laundry and tidy up/clean up after cooking / walk the dogs

Right candidate has ho speak good English or communicative German, must be driver and able to start August/September 2016 for 12 months. Someone cheerful, sporty and outgoing girl who is confident caring for older kids.

family Biolley – Horgen

Married couple with 1 kid born last October (2015) / 10 month old baby / sometimes on weekends and about 1x/week, 2 kids are visiting aged 20 (boy) and 17 (girl) who are normally living with their mother . Both host parents are Swiss / family language Swiss German and they can speak German, English and French .

The family is living in a big house in Horgen which is about 15km from Zürich / good and frequent connections to Zürich. Host mum is a pilot, host dad is a chemist with regular working schedule but is travelling from time to time. Due to her job as a pilot, the host mum is also travelling. The aupair working schedule is according to the host mums working schedule. Normally, the host mum is away between 2 – 4 days and then at home between 2 – 4 days/week, but it can be different sometimes. During the host mums absence, the aupair will care for the toddler and is off when the host mum is back home. Weekends are off.

Aupair tasks: Care for the baby, i.e. get up with baby, change diaper, feed / play, go outside with baby / read stories, actively interact/entertain kid. Prepare a light dinner surch as salad for exemple. Household: water plants, vacuum, support with laundry, bathroom and kitchen 1x/month properly clean. Important to the host parents: No more cleaning required but the aupair is required to keep house tidy.

Right candidate is 21+,Experience with babies/toddlers required can start in August and stay for 12 months, Experience with babies/toddlers is must


letní pobyty – užij si léto ve Španělsku


Family Joan– Mallorca, Campos

HF Joan – new family to us, they are dad, mum and a 5 years old boy. They live in Campos, which is a nice village in Mallorca with all amenities for an au pair (visit: https://www.seemallorca.com/campos). Moreover, we have more girls in that area and the family spend the weekends and some days in Porto Colom, where they have an apartment. There is a room for the au pair here as well. They are looking for a nice girl who can take care of the boy and teach him some English. No problem if the au pair doesn’t speak Spanish. Dates: ASAP – 4/9/2016 (summer).

dlhodobé pobyty 

Family Espiñeira – Mallorca, Murcia

HF Espiñeira – they are a nice and caring host family who have three beautiful and good mannered girls: 12, 10 & 7 years old. This is a regular au pair position and the au pair has plenty of time to attend Spanish lessons. Driver is preferred. Location is Murcia, Spain mainland. Dates: end of August until June 2017.

Family Covas – Mallorca, Sineu

HF Covas –  They are dad, mum (both teachers!) and two kids who are 5 & 2 years old. They are looking for a nice long term au pair who can speak fluent English and wants to learn Spanish, no problem if she doesn’t speak Spanish yet. They live in Sineu, Mallorca, and have already looked at options for the au pair to attend Spanish lessons in the village. This is an au pair plus position, maximum 40 hours per week/90€. They don’t need a driver and would accept a male candidate. They have had a British guy living with them this course, so the family know what it is like having someone at home. Dates: 1/9/2016-30/6/2017.

Family Zahonero – Mallorca, Castellón

HF Zahonero – family in Almenara, a nice village in Castellón (Valencia region, visit: www.almenara.es). Dad, mum and 3 kids: 9,5 years old twins and 6,5 years old girl. The youngest has reduced mobility but doesn’t need special care. They have a house and a small dog and need a normal au pair (30 hours/70€ per week). In June and September the kids are still in school, so the au pair will have more free time. They would like the au pair to teach English to their kids. Dates: August 2016 – June 2017.

Family Vicent – Mallorca, Castellón

HF Vicent – New family living in Vila-Real, city in Castellón (Spain mainland, Valencia region). They are dad, mum and two kids, 3 years old girl and a babyboy born in October 2015. They don’t need a driver and have no pets. This family look for a nice regular au pair who speaks English and looks after Olivia really. Dates: September 2016 – June 2017.

Family Fernández– Mallorca, Palma city

HF Fernández – Mum was au pair in the USA and would like her kids to live this experience. They are dad, mum and two kids, 10 (g) and 7 (b) years old. They live in Palma city and need the au pair to drive, as she is to take the kids to their after-school activities. Both parents speak English so the au pair could only have basic Spanish, plus she will have the whole morning free to attend Spanish lessons. Kids come home for lunch (depending on activities in school) and then go back to school until 16:30. They already told me the au pair may go home for Christmas! Dates: September for 9/12 months.

Family Jiménez – Mallorca, Palma

HF Jiménez – They are dad, mum and Leire, who is 1 year old (May). Both parents are architects and they live in a residential area in Palma city. Leire will start nursery in September so they need a nice regular au pair who helps them with her. Also the idea is for the au pair to speak in English to Leire, but they will definitely help the au pair with her Spanish! PLEASE see Simona’s letter of recommendation for them. Dates: 26/9/2016 – 20/9/2017

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